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Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Mayer is Da Man! So is Blogger!!

The John Mayer concert last night was pretty awesome, and my wife was pretty darn happy with me for dragging my lazy butt on the subway down to the Verizon Center in D.C. as you can see from her smile. But, that's not really why I posted this. I posted it directly from my crappy Razor phone (and came back and edited the text later). Blogger has mobile blogging down to a science! If you have a blogger blog, simply send text or pix/text directly from your mobile to goATbloggerDOTcom. After some minor rigamarole configuration stuff (after your first post, you need to validate it by visiting go.blogger.com and entering the code blogger will send you), your phone device should show up in the dashboard of your blog, Subsequent posts should re-direct to your blog. Read on for some basic instructions...

Here's the basic steps...

1. From your mobile phone, or from any on-line e-mail provider/hosted application (gmail worked fine), send an email containing the text and images you would like to appear in your Blogger blog post to goATbloggerDOTcom (obviously replace the AT and the DOT with appropriate symbols)

2. Wait a few minutes or less, and you should receive a reply from blogger with a code (gmail put the response in my Spam folder, so you may have to look out for that).

3. On your desktop PC browser, go to go.blogger.com, and enter the code in the upper input field, and enter the capcha code that appears on the page in the lower field.

4. In the next screen should appear options to re-direct to your blogger blog, so select the blog you wish to have posts re-directed to and select finish.

5. On your blogger dashboard, after a few minutes, should appear (in the right-hand column) the settings indicating the newly added mobile device or mail provider address, and the post will appear shortly in your blog.

That's it!...all posts sent from that e-mail address/device will automagically appear in your blog. Neat huh?! And you can do it from your phone or any internet connected host from anywhere (I'm stressing the mobile aspect here). I posted from both my own Moto phone and my iPaq handheld and it worked like a charm.

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