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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Judging Over

I've been away from my blogs for awhile. The last 2 months have been eaten up largely with judging software for the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine's annual Best Software Awards (and some work abroad), which is thankfully over. I did manage to post a couple of reviews on my other blog though, so you can check those out at the links below. Soon, I plan on re-evaluating some security and scripting tricks I have picked up here and there, and will post those here, including a trick on how to hack back (sort of) and patrol your web-mail accounts for identity theft (for the really paranoid), so stay tuned.

Recent Reviews of note on the PPCMAG blog:
1. Lobster Tunes-Very cool audio player for your handheld that allows you to get into your PC music store while on the road.

2. Sunnysoft Contacts-Extends the WM5 built-in contacts application quite nicely.

3. ListPro-Awesome desktop and handheld list/database application with great features. I imported the whole Technet Script Repository into ListPro (2000+ scripts), and tweaked em so if you already have the software, you can download it here, and never be without your fav admin script again.

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