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Friday, July 09, 2010

Ubuntu Sound and Power Glitches

Well, I am always singing praises about Ubuntu Linux, but recently my netbook started glitching on a few things. One I noticed is that the power manager is erroneously shutting down my netbook when I remove the power plug (thinks the battery is critically low, even though it is full). The battery monitor works fine if I start the netbook without external power. I've tried tweaking settings using "sudo gconf-editor" (under apps >> gnome-power-manager), but have not been able to stop the issue. The second problem I have found a workaround for so if you notice that your Linux sound stops working, you might try this (there is a good sound t-shooting tutorial here by the way). Use the following commands shown below and your sound should start again (I added them to a simple bash script). That is, if you have the same exact issue with Lynx. The aplay -l output shown above might be a clue. It does not show anything when sound stops working in my case...

killall pulseaudio
sudo alsa force-reload
pulseaudio -D

Add the first line above only if you want to use it in a bash script like I did (save it using gedit with .sh extension, and make executable). Otherwise simply run the commands one at a time in a terminal window. I dug them up on one of the many Ubuntu user forums I had to google through, and give a hearty thanks to whoever posted them up.

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