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Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Gadget Software...

Another review blurb on a couple of cool device display tweakers and an apology to my 2 readers on not doing my review duties of late here on Natester’s gadget freak universe

I have been so busy reviewing/judging software for the upcoming Smartphone and Pocket PC awards, I have really been neglecting my personal blogspace, and my dog, and my wife, and my yard, and my instruments… (of course I somehow find time to update my magazine blog here).

I apologize if you’ve been reading my series/reviews here on weather forecasting, and handheld device software--or whatever else I may want to post on--and noticed no updates forthcoming. I know it seems I’ve fallen down on the job. Just wanted to throw up a post to remind folks I haven’t left town and changed my name yet, but the awards has me almost considering it. It is a lot of work, believe me (but fun work no doubt), so when August is over I can get back to some serious bloggin and hopefully finish the weather articles finally. Anyhoo, just wanted to alert WinMobile users of 2 oldies but goodies and 1 relative newbie that I ran across during the judging that are high on the coolness factor, and please don’t ask who won yet:

Desktop Rover (www.neslosoftware.com) is a pretty neat desktop/device software pairing that allows you to drag your mouse onto the device screen and control it using the PC mouse and keyboard.

Nyditot Virtual Display (www.nyditot.com) : shown running on my old 3955 above, allows you to totally tweak your device resolution (very handy for spreadsheets and Pocket Internet Explorer, by the way). Includes landscape mode and even upside down, which you can only get natively on newer devices (well not upside down), but try using a screen resolution of 800X600 for instance on an HTC wizard! Go ahead, I dare ya! Can’t be done which is my point.

WinMobileLens (www.adisasta.com): nice screen magnifier utility for your device in case you’re getting on like me, and that tiny screen is getting harder and harder to peer into. Maybe I’m just getting burned out on all things gadget, perish the thought!

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