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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mobile Blogging

I post a lot of stuff about mobile blogging and content aggregation on my other blog over at our Pocket PC Magazine blog (go there to read full mobile content service reviews, and more), but recently stumbled across some great resources for turning your blog mobile, if you use b2 or WordPress for your blogs, I convinced my buddy to try it out on his WP blog, and it works great and is easy to implement.

The code is available from a previous b2 turned WP developer, and he offers code modules and instructions for implementing this on his site, but basic steps go like this:

1. Download WordPress Mobile Edition files (ZIP) from here, or for b2 mobile module: here
2. Unzip file
3. Upload files according to the README included in the ZIP
4. Activate plugin using WP admin plugin interface...
5. Point mobile device browser to wp-mobile.php file which should be found in your base WP directory (or use a re-directon on your landing page based on the browser version)...that's it.

Check out my buddy's blog formatted for your handheld device: here

OR, the full version here: here

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