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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Samsung YP-K5...whats an Ipod

MP3 Players: Samsung YP-K5

This combination MP3 player and speaker folds up to the size of the LG Chocolate phone. It's a very hip idea, though I'm not quite sure people will pay a premium for the integrated speaker. The slider mechanism seems sturdy enough, though, and the device makes a great travel alarm clock.

Comments added: Wow, I posted this from my mobile using a very awesome, free service called hubdog...click the read more link below for details, or check out PC Magazines review of this cool player instead by clicking my hubdog channel link below (or the image above), or just click the "my other blog" link at right to check out my reviews of the myriad mobile blogging options and services including hubdog...

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PC Magazine: New Product Reviews


PC Magazine's new product reviews are amongst my favorite blog subscriptions, so I yanked one from their feed using hubdog, a great service for your mobile device for getting all kinds of online/offline content from the web (note the easy Blogger button in the screenshot above). I tapped it, added my comments and posted in like 2 seconds and voila! You now see it on my blog here, but there were a few minor glitches.

1. The Blogger button only showed up after I performed a content refresh in hubdog.
2. I had to remove some of the image links manually from the blogger post, as they went nowhere (I also manually added my own shot pulled from another review).
3. Of course, since I use a span tag in each post to give the reader a tease, and cut down the size of the main page posts, I also came back and added the rest of the story manually. Still, this will prove very handy for grabbing the stuff I want to quickly post about...very cool, since I didn't have to cut/paste a bunch of crap between the web browser and blogger, etc. You get the idea...

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