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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free eBooks for your handheld


I love free stuff! Some of the cool (I really need to start doing a count on the number of times I use that word) things that come with the Best of Everything CD are a number of free eBook titles, several of which I have read and enjoy (Captain Blood, and Tales of Terror and Mystery are recommended). At least I hope they're still on there. Anyhoo, in the shattered remains of my 2006 post-awards life, I find myself again cautiously approaching my device for something other than a hard-reset and install of like a million programs! If you want to grab some great/free Sci-Fi electronic book titles for your handheld, Baen Books is a great resource (formats for MS Reader supported). You can also pay for a webscription to get premium titles. Another great resource for eBooks, which one of our fellow experts manages called PocketRocketFX (Tari Akpodiete), offers a huge list of classic titles along with a hoard of other cool (I did it again) stuff. I'm on a Dickens kick right now, and just grabbed Great Expectations.

MS Reader is not only a great tool for reading books on your device or PC, but Microsoft also offers a free Word plug-in that will let you easily publish your own. And best of all, it's all free... Well, except the Best of Everything CD of course, but that's such an awesome deal, it's hardly worth mentioning!

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