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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Best Software Awards 2008 Winners Announced!

"The Winners in Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Eighth Annual Best Software Awards for Windows Mobile software have been announced at www.Smartphonemag.com/Awards. Eighty members of the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Board of Experts judged 936 Windows Mobile products in 194 Pocket PC and Smartphone categories. Winners are also listed in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine 2009 Resource Guide first seen late November."

This might be our last year for the awards, so all you Windows Mobile geeks out there should go check out the winning software titles at least. New software development is not booming in the WM world, as you may know, but neither is it dead. Many of the titles are not new products, but several returning products have added new versions and features. Feedback is welcomed (in case this isn't the final year)...

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Dave Seibert said...

Since your email contact on your profile failed I figured I would write here.
Check out littlesigh.blogspot.com

I stumbled on your name in a google search for some software, you wrote some review. Freaked me out as I figured there should not be two Nate Adcocks...at least that were weather men in the AF.

Whats up? No more weather aye?
Well...see ya