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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been Awhile!

I haven't posted here in awhile, but felt the need to share something. How about a personal story from the annuls of my Air Force alcohol-addled past? Having played a few rounds of golf, thought I might tell a really endearing golf story. Of all my favorite golf experiences, the best course I ever played was a trailer park in Indiana at like 3AM in the morning...FORE!!!!
I had some good buds in the AF, no doubt. Probably the best of the best were Rich Haller, and Gary Hall. We were stationed together in Korea, and then all ended up in Illinois after that. To say we did some drinking together is an understatement. We were all going to the weather forecaster technical school at Chanute AFB, IL waaaayyy back in 1990. Rich was from IA, so one weekend we all piled up in someone's car and went over to his parents trailer-park vacation spot on some lake in IA. It was awesome! We water-skiied (I couldn't get up...not what you think), we drank, we barbecued, we drank, we played poker all-night, we drank, and finally at about 3 AM, when everyone else had finally passed out, someone got out the golf clubs. Uhhh yeah...we started teeing them off with Gary's authentic 1-wood right there in the middle of a small city of travel trailers around some remote lake in Indiana. It was like the hillbilly midnight drunken Masters Tournament. I never heard a smash/tinkle of broken windows, but I like to imagine there was some mysteriously dented aluminum boxes the next day....


GaryH said...

holy crap!! you have a good memory! How ya been old man? Barci is like a 7-Star General now!!!

Natestera said...

Yo, Gary! I'm so glad to hear from you man, and all the old ville runners of yore. Wish we could have a reunion or something. That would be so cool. If Barci was a general, he'd probably teach even his dog to salute him (even while the poor thing took a crap), heehee! I really miss you guys. Some of the best years of my life. Drop me your contact info sometime at natesteraATgmailDOTcom.