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Sunday, October 15, 2006

5 - It's all about the Web Services......Phone Contact Backup, and All-in-One Web Chat


Did I mention previously that I love Bloglines? If I did, I must say it again. I enjoy the surge of searchable power at my fingertips from like a ka-billion feed sources/web sites (see my Mobile Blogging category for more info on Bloglines, Hubdog and other great tools). What am I rambling on about? Bloglines has yet again enlightened me, and now you, about 2 handy web services--scoured from my Bloglines feed subscriptions under Cool Tools and PCWorld's Tip and Tricks--called ZYB, and Meebo. Both of the products in this mini-review are beta web services (one's actually billed as an alpha). Click on the link title above to check out my Bloglines blog for previews of all the great stuff I constantly clip from Bloglines sources.


I like weird names, but would have loved having this beta service a few months back. My wife got a new cell phone, with no way to sync up her old contacts. That's where ZYB would have saved me hours (literally) of hand-banging in contact information. You need a compliant phone (click the link above for ZYB's "about" page), but basically the service provides a quick, and easy way to sync your contacts, and calendar to the web using a data bearer service like GPRS. You may feel a little squirrely about tossing all your personal contact and calendar information in an on-line database. ZYB assures you there's nothing to fear, but well... My thoughts are that you might want keep critical data off the net to be on the safe side (contact information for people you don't like is OK, of course). I'd especially keep passwords, PINs, and the like outta your PIM data synced to this service.


This one I did get to beat on a little. Meebo is an integrated on-line chat service for all your chats (MSN, YAHOO, AOL, GMAIL, etc.). Unfortunately, it does not work on my device (flash-based widgets), but worked fine with my desktop browser. The site has a cool widget builder for creating chat-interface code to paste on your web-site. Visitors can then chat with you via the chat window on your page provided you are logged in (see my personal Blogger blog for an example). Read on for more details, and screenshots...

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