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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Site Layout

bb_logo_200 I know I don't get much action here, and don't post that often, but I like to try to keep it fresh once in a while. So, I figured I'd try out a test post and give my, ahem, 2 readers an update on the layout. I changed the sidebar to include Google search topics on computer stuff that I myself monitor. The new blog template was discovered on the bloggerbuster.com (a must for blogger types). Very useful instructions on changing your template using a test blog. The footer down below includes some feeds from my other blog, and my favorite WinMo sites. I also cleaned up the defunct links (hopefully), and refreshed links to my more serious blogs. I'll be posting some more Ubuntu related stuff in the near future, so if you were geeky enough to land here, stay tuned. If you like it or hate it, or just want to report a problem, feel free to comment.

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